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2009-08-03 21:15:46 by billyrollins

Title: (edit)
stick figure quiz

Question 1: (edit)
how long does a stick figure live.
answer A) 1/2 sec
B) 2 minutes if theyre lucky.
C) 1 hr if they used cheats.
D) never lived at all just figure of my imagination

Question 2: (edit)
what is a ordinary stick figures color.
A) nothing stupid
B) pink
C) yellow
answer D) black

Question 3: (edit)
what is the best way to make a stick figure animation?
A) blood
B) guts
C) no blood
answer D) blood and guts are neccessary for a lol video

Question 4: (edit)
whats the easiyest way to kill a stick figure
A) tickle him to death
B) chinese water torture
answer C) embarass him so much his head explodes
D) a knife

Question 5: (edit)
if you were a stick person how would you get out of a torture room
answer A) conduct a chemicle virus on my self and see what happens
B) conduct electicity in the room full of metal and hope for the better
C) run into the wall and see what happens
D) swallow a grenade

Question 6: (edit)
if u were a stick person and u had a choice to find away to die or a way to live
A) i will survive by climbing a atomic bomb out of a sewer that was about to explode
B) live jump on crocodiles heads to get out a jungle
C) just wate for the atomic bomb t explode
answer D) these answers are suicidel man

Question 7: (edit)
ifr you were inside atomic bomb how would you survive.
A) just wait and see
B) fart on the bomb see if co2 disables it
C) act like a suicide bomber
D) cry for my mommy

Question 8: (edit)
if you had a grenadee planted in your brain how would react
A) i would pull the pic
B) i would fart one last time
C) auggh theres a grenade in my head!?!
D) i would take a gun and to shoot the grenade and see what happens

Question 9: (edit)
if you and your freiend were chased by zombies how would you react
A) fart in there faces
B) trip your freiend and hope you like
C) feed them a cow and say good zombies heres a treat
D) act stupid and run into the zombie crowd

Question 10: (edit)
if you were forced to comit suicide how would yu do it
A) shouve a pencil through my ear
B) stick my self a gas chamber with 3 sumo resttlers that just ate beens
C) force my self to watch the tele tubbies
D) jump into peter griffins butt

Comments To Friends: (edit)
76-100% wow a real stick person now die!!
51-75% ughh my brain hurts.
0-50% you dont evan know wha stick person is go back and take this waste of time again


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