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2009-07-17 13:28:37 by billyrollins

Hello so you know about the new art portal well i making somthing sort of like that but you can copy and image from a game and edit it and ill make a joke or two about it and coment it and if you win ill post your name all over my profiles of diferent sites and you can give me any details and ill post the picture on my profiles and details.

1.) no nudity of course it wouldent be cool if you posted it because i dont want any fights bans etc.
2.) add some funny stuff to it add as many words as you need.
3.) use as many stupid things you can come up as.
4.) please dont get mad if i dont pick you that wouldent be cool either.
5.) add anything to your pictures may it be blood may it be rude jokes may it be any thing but dont copy others unless your gona add to it.
6.) lastly dont take credit for other peoples work.

so yeah there isint really any rules so have fun making your picks go from blah to !LOL!


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