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1st ghost storie

2009-07-13 15:15:28 by billyrollins

ok so one night i was getting ready to crash i heard somthing in my hall and i said holy crap so i checked it out no one was there so i went to bed again then my bed stated moving and i got out and thout it was sliding on its wheels it was then i heard screaming then scraping on my wall and my laptop fell of my desk lucly landed on a bag full of clothes and then i ran to my camera and toke pics and i found a face in my clouset and it was very hard to see so i took my camera and pute it on my desk and went to bed nothing else happend at lease i think so.
so what did you think of the story please rate it 1 thru 10 and comment thanks and fell free to discuss it with others or tell your stories by.


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